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Abortion:  One Woman's Journey

Pam walks you through her abortion from the decision to the healling.  Gives hope to others that their hurts can heal.

Available oneline at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com

Who's Got a Secret?

Keeping one's past a secret can be difficult and harmful.  This brochure explains when and why a person shiould reveal his or her "secret."

Available online at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com
How to Help Your Wife Deal with Her Aborton

Provides insights and suggestions to the husband whose wife has experienced abortin.  Pocket-size.

Available online fall 2018.
Up in the Air About Having an Abortion?

Gently points out facts to conider about te unborn baby, the abortion procedure, and possible complications.

Available online Fall 2018.
Dear Tim

Pam's "letter" to the father of her aborted baby.  Encourages forgiveness toward people involved in the abortion decision.

Available online at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com
Pro-Life & Christian Growth Scripture Guide

A 'must' to carry in your Bible, pocket, or purse.  Over 500 Scripture refernces for sixty-eight topics.

Available online at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com
A Biblical Perspective on Post-abortion Syndrome

Just what is PAS? This brochure examines the post-abortion problem and suggests a biblical solution.

Available online at
Denial & Abortion

This straightforward brochure help people understand what denial is, why aborton is never the right choice, and how to face what they have done in order to move forward with their lives.

Available online at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com
Abortion.  No one told me I would feel lke this.

Encourages women to think about the post-abortion trauma they are experiencing and suggests seven stesp to resolving those hurts.

Available online Fall 2018
A Biblical Perspective on Family Planning

What does it mean to 'plan' one's family?  This informational and insightful brochure encourages the reader to think seriously about what God says regarding conception and children.

Available online at www.PostAbortionMinistries.com
A Biblical Perspective on Healing

What does post-abortion healing really mean?  Examines the reasons women and men seek healing following an abortion and the willingness to obey God regardless of how one feels.

Available online at


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