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You know someone who has participated in an abortion.

I've written a screenplay entitled Loss (working title), which is the culmination of all my writing on the topic of abortion.  Hollywood is pretty much indifferent to the abortion topic.  It's ugly, hurtful to many, and considered not profitable at the box office.  Because this production will be expensive, I am raising money on my own to bring this feature film to life.  The script is now in its third draft, and, when produced and released, will help hurting people or cause others to think about abortion - what it is, what it does, and possible long-lasting effects. 

The following information is necessary to understand the significance of the screenplay:
Historical Background:  In 1970, two and a half years prior to Roe v. Wade and after bitter debate, New York State, by one vote, legalized abortion-on-demand until twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, which was then understood to be the beginning of viability.  One of only four states – Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and New York – legally permitting abortion, New York was the only state which did not have a residency requirement.   In 1970 New York became the “Abortion capital of America” with a whopping 61% – over 350,000 – legal abortions, performed there that year.
            Presently, state legislatures are beginning to consider changing the twenty-four week limit to twenty weeks, since viability is now known to exist sooner than previously thought.
Genre:  Drama; mid 20th century
Logline:  In late 1970, collegian Julie Preston faces a dilemma:  pregnant by her former boyfriend, anti-abortion Julie has a few weeks to make a life-altering decision from three options, one of which would have been unthinkable six months previously.
Synopsis:  In 1968 collegian Julie Preston begins dating boyfriend Tim.  It's an off-and-on relationship.  In 1970 they unexpectedly meet one last time, with pregnancy resulting.   Storyline then moves to 1971 when Julie must decide whether to have an abortion.  She waits until the last moment -- twenty-three weeks.  Gut-wrenching scenes walk the viewer through an abortion from beginning to end.   Non-judgmental by intent, this feature film will cause the audience to think about abortion from various perspectives. 

Alternate Title Suggestions: Waiting to Decide; 23 Weeks

Running Time:  Approximately 90 minutes.
Target Audience:  Baby boomers and girls 25 & under.

Characters:  One female and one male lead in their mid-twenties; numerous speaking and non-speaking roles of varying ages.  Precis of each role will be available on this page in the future.

Cast & Crew: 
Please do not submit head shots, C.V.'s, or resumes at this time.  When sufficient funds are raised, we will notify you via this website details of positions available. 
Promo Blurb:  "Koerbel tackles a divisive subject with candor and sensitivity."

Bottom Line:  It takes money, lots of money, to produce a feature film of excellent quality.  Anything less than excellent is not worth doing.  This feature film can and willl be produced for approximately $900,000.  Some of you reading this have made your money.  Wealthy beyond your personal ability to spend it, you could easily be an "angel" and give $10,000 or more yourself.  Others will struggle to give $10.   It's your heart I'm looking toward for the funds needed. 

Some of you know me personally.  Many of you have heard me speak, read one of my books, or attended one of my seminars.  Others have never heard my name.  If you want personal references, I will provide them upon request. The investment you will be making is not tax-deductible since this is not a not-for-profit organization.  Nor will you receive royalties on your investment.   Personally, I believe you will receive a return on your investment worth far more than money could measure.

All money given will be put into an account until enough is raised to hire a producer and a director (I already them, but need funds to pay them).  Money will be spent only as needed and will be carefully audited.  You may give your donation through PayPal at pjkoerbel@yahoo.com (please indicate "gift" so we are not charged fees) or mail a certified check to PJ Koerbel, P.O. Box 8323, Fort Mohave, AZ 86427.

To make things simple, here is a breakdown of money needed: 
10 people each giving $90,000 or
100 people each giving $9,000 or
1000  people each giving $900 or
10,000 people each giving $90 or
100,000 people each giving $9

Each dollar given will be received with thanks and your name (if requested) will appear in the closing credits of the film.

“Some things we do because we want to do them;
others we do because we are compelled.”


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